Junk Journal - The Deserted Island Challenge

I decided to participate of a challenge called "The Deserted Island", proposed by Nik the Booksmith on her Youtube Channel.
This challenge consists in making a junk journal using a super limited list of materials. 
We can use 4 "givens" and 4 "choices". 
The 4 givens:
- Paper (I chose coffee stained paper)
- Scissors
- Needle and thread
- Glue (I chose white glue)
The 4 choices:
- Cardboard (recycled) for the cover
- Paintbrush
- Ink
- Brush pen

It was really fun doing this journal!
I created a story about a italian couturier who made paper doll's dresses...
I went crazy with the elements I used!

 If you want to see more, you can watch the video at my Youtube Channel.

I also created some elements for who wants to download and use!

I hope you like my journal and have fun with the downloads... 


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