Tilda, a new passion...

Some months ago I went to a flea market and bought a lot of fabric dolls. I liked a lot the clean-kind-of-shabby style. What I didn´t know was that those dolls were Tildas!
Now I ordered two books and make so much research on-line, to know more about those precious...

They were created by a designer called Tone Finnanger.

Well, certainly I try to make one, and here it is!

Here you can see some details from my doll: the shoes, the embroidery work (she´s making a little girl playing) and the sewing accessories.

I hope you like it! 

Late I´ll post photos from the dolls that I bought.


Halloween Tea Party!

Finally I´ll post our Halloween Tea Party photos for you!

Thanks for visiting my spooky post!


Halloween Gifts

For our Halloween Tea Party we invited our two nephews. It was easy to know what they want to win!

The boy likes a lot the horror movie Jigsaw, so I made a mask like the principal character...
So easy to do (papier mache and painting work).

and the girl loves fashion and costumes, so I made a lovely and glamorous witch hat!

It was really fun!


The Witch´s Beauty Potion

For this Halloween, inspired by fairy tail Hansel and Gretel and Disney´s Hocus Pocus movie as a theme for our tea party, we invited our two nephews and I created a new spooky story...

The major character is a witch, who has a kitchen full of material for her potions. She wants to be beautiful and for this potion she needs:

* Bat wings
* Mermaid hair
* Dried snake
* Unicord tears
* The had of a jelous witch

The witch´s kitchen was so pretty! When we arrived there, we could saw her legs on the fireplace...
Was she arriving or leaving? I don´t know!

Here we can see the jealous witch´s head! I guess she wasn´t a friend of our witch...

It was plenty of spider webs and dust! Scary!

What can we see inside of this jar? Hands?
Spooky decoration, Mrs. Witch!

The kids loved the magic and fantasy of this story! We had an excellent time together!

I hope you like the decoration and later I´ll post the Tea Party photos!

(Thanks to Karen "The Graphics Fairy", who posted the frame which I made the poison labels)