Tilda, a new passion...

Some months ago I went to a flea market and bought a lot of fabric dolls. I liked a lot the clean-kind-of-shabby style. What I didn´t know was that those dolls were Tildas!
Now I ordered two books and make so much research on-line, to know more about those precious...

They were created by a designer called Tone Finnanger.

Well, certainly I try to make one, and here it is!

Here you can see some details from my doll: the shoes, the embroidery work (she´s making a little girl playing) and the sewing accessories.

I hope you like it! 

Late I´ll post photos from the dolls that I bought.


  1. You are a man of many talents Lelo! She's lovely! You have put so much detail into her. I love the miniature embroidery she is doing and the little pin cushion and sewing notions you gave her.
    She reminds me of the little 'peddler dolls' with all their wares for sale. I always marvelled at all the little items they included with those dolls!
    And this reminds me I must get back and do some more on carving my Queen Anne doll! : )

  2. Oh and I've left an award for you on my blog. possessionsofalady.blogspot.com

  3. que fofura... lindo tom de rosa!
    a composição da foto ficou maravilhosa!!!

    aproveito para agradecer novamente meus amaveis ATC e itens vintage que recebi ontem
    amei amei amei

  4. Linda!!!Parabéns, a riqueza de detalhes e a perfeição da Tilda!!
    Amei a boneca, um trabalho encantador!

  5. Hola Lelo,estuve recorriendo tu blog,y me encanto,esta lleno de magia y dulzura,creatividad y estallidos de color,una caricia para los ojos y el alma.Gracias por compartir,un abrazo y Feliz Navidad!Marry Christmas!!!!