Inspired by nature...

I saw an interesting corner at our garden and thought: why not make a teacup photo here?

I use also an antique photo, from my collection, with a ribbon, of course!


Our garden, my teacup set, the photo, ribbon..... and me.


What inspires you?

What inspires you?

For me, a good music (today is Mozart), a cup of tea, a beautiful flower...
But sometimes, an antique gown or shoe, a sculpture or a simple word.
The nature is awesome, the world is full of inspirations. Take one and go!


Valentine´s day

This was the Valentine´s day atmosphere here... 
I had the idea to make a "blue angel" love explosion!

The china is from my personal collection. I thought: why don´t mix different cups and different plates?
I loved the result...

I made the cake (strawberry and white chocolate ganache) and decorated it with some "angels cabouchons".
The inspiration was a fusion between Marie Antoinette, antique porcelain and my rococo-deconstructed-style.

I just love ribbons... I always use it on my decorations or tablescapes.