An inspirational kitchen

This is one the places where I feel confortable, creative and make a lot of delicous things!!
Yes, our kitchen.
The house is from XVI century and Michele maintained the original structure when restored it.
It´s gorgeous... the photos can´t show the real beauty or angelic atmosphere.

Little by little I´ll share more photos from our home.

Michele is cooking at the fireplace while me and Ludovic.... are waiting! hehehe

A cake for Linda!

On last february 5th, our beautiful Linda had a celebration for his birthday. I made a delicious cake (not for her, because dogs can´t eat deserts at all!!).
Somebody can say: "Oh, wait! Do you made a cake to celebrate a dog´s birthday?".
The answer: "Yes. She was one the precious gifts that we had last year. God shows us how wonderful is being human and take care about His creatures. Linda had (and still has!!!) so much love and care.

We have to love the animals...


More spring...

Our garden day after day becomes more colorful!

Hey, does Leo (the cat) think he is a flower?  hehehe

I hope you enjoy our garden...


Colorful tea set

Those beautiful pieces I bought at a flea market. I liked a lot the colors of the little flowers pattern!

Do you like it?


Our spring garden...

I want to share with you some pictures of our garden in spring. Trust me, those photos can´t show the beauty of the flowers or the magical atmosphere.

I hope you like it!



"Primavera" is Spring in portuguese, spanish and italian!


Linda in portuguese means "beautiful". And our dog (not so little now) has always been so cute, so beautiful, so Linda!


Arte Sacra

I want to post here some photos from my partner´s fantastic work. He is an "Arte Sacra" artist for many years and his sculptures are so inspiring to me!

This is a "Bambino Gesù" (Baby Jesus) sculpture, that he made last year (I helped just a little making the clothing).

Wonderful, isn´t?

If you want to see another examples of his work, come to Michele Divito´s website.

Elf Shoes

I know that this is usually for Christmas, but I believe that a lot of people likes country decoration with elfs...

I made those little shoes and want to share with you.


Spring teacup

This is my Royal Albert Blossom Times Series - Wisteria. So cute!

Atention to "The Little Dictionary of Fashion", by Christian Dior. Flowers were his first inspiration!

I wish you all a great and special Spring!

Spring has arrived!

Beauty is in the air...

I love this season. So inspiring...




Chocolate! Hummm...

I tried to experiment a new recipe of chocolate glaze. Well, It was delicious, but I have to practice more to achieve the right consistence...

A lovely antique teacup trio

I love the colors and shape of this teacup trio. It was the first that I bought for my collection!


Spring is coming!

Let´s celebrate!!!!!

10 cose che mi fanno stare bene:

1)  Svegliarsi al mattino e vedere i raggi di Sole che entrano in casa;

2) Il profumo di pane appena fatto;

3) Vedere i nostri cani giocare con amore, oppure dormire come piccoli angeli;

4) L´ora del thé, accompagnato da un buon libro, rigorosamente in giardino;

5) La soddisfazione di aver realizzato un dolce o decorazione speciale, per una occasione speciale;

6) Guardare le sculture sacre di Michele Divito. Sono opere meravigliose, che mi ispirano tantissimo;

7) Disegnare, creare, lavorare con "il bello";

8) Vedere una buona serie sulla TV;

9) Ammirare le mie creazione - che di piccoli pensieri statici, si caricano di anima.

10) Condividere tutti i miei sogni e le mie realizzazioni.

Grazie a Rosetta, del  "The Romantic Rose", per proporre questo "10 cose che mi fanno stare bene" a tutti coloro che seguono il suo blog.


Last year I made picked cherries for the first time! After that, dessert, of course!!


I´d like to share some treasures that inspires me all the time:

Linda in the garden...

This is a photo of our little Linda playing in the garden. :D