Books and Flowers!

Today in Catalunya (Spain) is celebrated Sant Jordi´s day (Saint George).
Is a tradition to exchange books and flowers - I´ve been living in Barcelona for four years and always enjoyed this beautiful day! The city is full of color and joy. People buying books, flowers, giving and receiving gifts!

And also today.........I received a special surprise!!! I won a WONDERFUL book from Angela McRae (http://teawithfriends.blogspot.it/). Thanks for yours giveaways posts!

I wish you all (specially Angela) an incredible day!
Happy Sant Jordi!



This is our little boy, Ludovic (called Ludo as well).
He´s so handsome! Give him a look:


Spring wreath

Today I took some wild flowers from our garden and made one Spring wreath. How is gorgeous to see the house full of colors and scent of nature!
And when it dries, it´ll be awesome!


Making Easter Sweeties

I want to show you a few photos from ours Easter in the Garden "making of".
It was so much work! But I liked a lot preparing this teaparty.
Hope you like as well!



Teacup time

This is one "Royal Albert Blossom Times Series Laburnum" teacup. I like it a lot!!



Easter in the Garden - the tea table

I want to show you some details from our Easter Tea Party´s table...

I made those rabbits with material from our garden. 


I hope you like it!!
Soon I´ll post more photos and details from this teaparty!


Easter in the Garden

This year we had a marvelous Garden Easter Teaparty... and with two special characters in our lives (Linda and Ludo, our puppies!).
The photos don´t express the beauty and magical atmosphere, but you can have an idea...
Enjoy it!

A basket cake with chocolate flowers and sugar decorations...

Easter means joy, colors, love and beauty!

A little rabbit came to join the party with us

The tea table was inspired by a brown handpainted tea set that I like a lot!

I´ll show you more details in another posts

This is the "sweet table" - the basket cake, some cookies and "net cupcakes" 

This little bird house made by Michele inspired me to make those "nest cupcakes"


Tea for a gardening day

Today we had an special tea after some gardening. We took our monogram teacups that we bought in Barcelona last year. I love those teacups!!!
I made some pictures specially for you.
Hope you like it!


Today we started to adjust our garden.
Flowers, flowers, flowers and some fruits as well!

Ludovic helped us... 

...while Linda was just looking... 

What a work!! We deserve a special tea, all right?