Agatha and the Spring

Agatha is this beautiful grey cat with magical light blue eyes...

Nature is amazing! Simple white flowers give to the garden a light and fairy atmosphere...

I love those colors... a gift for our eyes and souls.


A great inspiration. For an art masterpiece, a recipe or a simple craftwork.

Where do you find your inspiration? Have you tried to look around your garden, the park near to your house or the streets? Beauty is everywhere!

Let me see your inspirations! 
See you soon!


"Topolini da Favola (Fairy Mice)" - The wedding

May is the bride´s month... So, I want to introduce you this sweet couple: Titti & Tore.

They are inspired at 20´s style.

So graceful and cute!

For the vintage lovers... and the romantic ones!

 Fairy Mice, by Marcelo.


"Topolini da Favola (Fairy Mice)" - Gigetto, the artist!


In my fairy mice world, there is an amazing artist - a painter called Gigetto!

He doesn´t have an special style to paint - he loves to observe what happens around him and trasnlate this to his art... coincidence or not, the same thing happens to me!

Well... this is Gigetto.

Gigetto says: Hiiiiiii!


"Topolini da Favola (Fairy Mice)" - Lady Teodora

For my fairy mice collection, I create Teodora, a cute little mouse who loves Tea!!

All dressed in light pink, she´s a fancy lady!

Obviously she always has a teacup and teapot with her... (we never know when we´ll want to have a cup of tea, right?)

This was the inspiration for Lady Teodora: an antique pink teacup from my personal collection.

Hope you like it!


"Topolini da Favola" (Fairy Mice)

I´m really in Fairy Tale mood this days... my new project is called "Topolini da Favola" (Fairy Mice).

Coming soon!