Spring, tea and books...

Spring, the season of flowers. A good reason to take a cup of tea and read a good book!


 I have so many books to read! I love books about fashion, drawing lessons, antiques...
And you, what kind of book do you prefer?

Well, let´s take some tea and read!

I hope this post motivates you to do that!


Spring miracle...

Spring is the season of beauty, scents, colors, creativity, love and much more...

Of course, we can have a lot of tea too! 

Take some inspirations from those incredible gifts!

An have a great Spring!


Bonsais and Sea Treasures Birthday Party

Today is Michele´s Birthday. He loves sea shells, starfishes and bonsais - so I made a tablescape with his passions!

I made the cake... so yummy! Tones of greens and flower petals.

We have a big collection of sea treasures (I have to make a special post for it). And I used some pieces for decorate.

Michele loved the decoration, the cake and the homage. I hope you like it too!


Spring - the gorgeous gift of Mother Nature

A good friend gave us some beautiful and colorful flowers, so I had to make a teacup-nature composition...

Spring is the season of colors and scents, when Mother Nature decides to show us the natural beauty and teaches the power of simplicity.

Life is incredible. And there´s not better than take strenght from this gift.

I dedicate this post to all my followers, specially Bernideen, who has a special blog!

 I whish you all a colorful Spring!


Landscape Teacups

Yesterday we made a little trip to an incredible little mountain town called Casalanguida.
I bought those antique teacups last year and was waiting for a good moment to photograph them - this trip was perfect for it!

The teacups, from 19th century, are completely handpainted.

The little landscapes are amazing! 
Look at the details...
The colors, the shape... those teacups are really precious!

I hope you like it!


Sweet Spring

I can´t wait anymore! I want Spring now!
What can we do?
Well, today is the birthday of a good friend and I tried to anticipate Spring in Italy...

  For me, Spring is the season of inspiration...

Sugar and inspiration! Hummm... delicious!

I wish you all an incredible and sweet Spring!