Flowers and Tea

In our garden we have a quince tree... and in Spring it gaves us a lot of beautiful flowers!

I want to share with you this beauty.

Also is a good opportunity to make a photo of one antique teacup from my collection!
I love this teacup - the sweet and pastel colors, the flowers painted  and the touch of gold...

Why not taste an Italian Easter desert with those precious?
Here´s again, the "squarcella"!

You can make the same, with flowers from your garden or those you see everytime on the road, a teacup that you like a lot and some yummy desert!
Life is incredible - when we add some beauty and flavor, it becomes awesome! 

I hope you like it! :D

(someday I´ll post here my collection of doilies, ribbons and another elements that I allways put on my photos)


Sweet Easter!

Our 2013 Easter Tea Party was so cute!
I was inspired by colors, our garden and candies...

I put a lot of different elements on the table... 

 Look this pretty "Little green house teapot": 

This amazing bunny was a gift from my partner. I wanted to use it at an Alice´s Tea Party (from Wonderland, of course) but this tablescape deserved to be awesome. So... here it is! 

And the best part: sweets!


Squarcelle, a traditional recipe from south Italy:

And chocolate Easter eggs - filled with chocolate ganache and orange cream!
(the bunnies are made with sugar paste and marshmallow)

I want to know what do you think about our Easter Tea Party!
Thanks for visiting my blog! :D