Flowers and Tea

In our garden we have a quince tree... and in Spring it gaves us a lot of beautiful flowers!

I want to share with you this beauty.

Also is a good opportunity to make a photo of one antique teacup from my collection!
I love this teacup - the sweet and pastel colors, the flowers painted  and the touch of gold...

Why not taste an Italian Easter desert with those precious?
Here´s again, the "squarcella"!

You can make the same, with flowers from your garden or those you see everytime on the road, a teacup that you like a lot and some yummy desert!
Life is incredible - when we add some beauty and flavor, it becomes awesome! 

I hope you like it! :D

(someday I´ll post here my collection of doilies, ribbons and another elements that I allways put on my photos)


  1. These photos are so lovely Lelo! I have seen the Quince blossom before and how beautiful! Thank you for linking - I was early this week.

  2. Beautiful! I am so happy to be visiting your blog today for tea. I have never seen squarcella (hope I spelled that correctly) before, what a delicious looking treat! And your tea cup is gorgeous. I adore the pale coloring and those hand painted flowers edged in gold! You photograph them so beautifully too.

  3. Oh, I love that tea-cup. The shape and colours are so pretty. Deb

  4. Very pretty and that tea cup is stunning!

  5. So pretty. I love your images. The tea cup is gorgeous and I just wish I could take a bite of your Easter treat!

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Beautiful post, especially your gorgeous teacup, it is very special. Thank you for putting this lovely spring flowers and tea setting together. Dessert looks yummy and I love the colours of your ribbon and lace. So pretty! Patty/BC

  7. Such a delightful setting for tea... Your teasets are beautifully displayed with the flowers....Thank You