Halloween Stamps

Halloween is coming, so I decided to make some stamps on this theme. An ungry pumpkin, a scared cat and an Frankenstamp!
It´s easy and quick to do!


Apple dessert

For a chilly afternoon, I recomend an apple dessert... It´s easy and quick to do.


Alice´s Halloween Nightmare!

Halloween night... Alice received an invitation to a tea and croquet game in Wonderland.
But she didn´t know that Queen of Hearts has an evil plan!

When she arrives to the Wonderland Castle, the Queen looks like a monster!!
"Come on, Alice..."

"Let´s drink some tea and play croquet!

Take your teacup and a little flamingo..."

But  the "Monster Queen of Hearts" was not the only surprise to Alice in this creepy night...

When the Queen turn around, Alice can see that there are a lot of vampire game cards-soldiers inside of her gown!!!

"Off with her head!" - the Queen said to the soldiers.

Those Vampire card games-soldiers wanted to take off Alice´s head! 

and this is the beginning of Alice´s Halloween Nightmare..............

I made this doll and card game soldiers to participate of The Altered Alice challenge 
"Twinkle like a Bat, Shine like a tea tray!"

I hope you like!


Fall... the perfect time for tea

I know that we can have tea every day of the year, but I prefer when the weather begins to be a little cold, like the "She" song by Elvis Costello:

May be the face I can't forget 
The trace of pleasure or regret 

May be my treasure or the price I have to pay 
May be the song that summer sings 
May be the chill that autumn brings 
May be a hundred different things 
Within the measure of a day........"

I dedicate this post to every person who enjoy a simple cup of tea, who loves to see a cat playing with a little rock or anything else wich is ordinary, but essencial to our lifes. 


Halloween Bride Doll

I bought a skeleton at a €1,99 store and I thought: why not? So, I decided to transform into a "Bride Corpse" (not Tim Burton´s version... hahaha).
This is good to see how we can achieve good results with few $$ and a lot of creativity!
Let´s see it:

Here you can see the plastic skeleton and some things that I use to decorate it.

Here I show you some details: the bridal bouquet, jewels...

I have a lot of ideas and will try to show you soon!
(I hope you like this creepy and sweet bride!)


"Dia das Crianças" Tea Party

In Brasil, october 12th is celebrated "Children´s Day" - so, I decided to make a little tea party to remember my childhood!

This cute clown is "Totó", an incredible italian actor from 50 - 60´s.


Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter´s Tea Party

I´m completely crazy by Alice in Wonderland. This was my mother´s name (I don´t like to say "was", because she´ll be forever alive in my heart).
Well, I saw some ATCs (artist trading cards) on a scrapbooking brazilian blog owned by Ana Caldatto. I tried to make some cards and a tea party to celebrate this...

I made a papiermache top hat with some details from Alice in Wonderland.


Odette, the Swan Lake Princess Marionette!

Finally I finished this project!
I´m so excited that I made this doll (thanks to Michele, who helps me to work with the wood).
It was a great experience... and I want to make others!
I have to make the stage for her as well. A lot of ideas come to my head!
Perhaps the next one will be some Nutcracker´s Ballet characther...

Here she lies waiting for the painting and dressing... 
It´s awesome the way she moves (looks like a real person!).

Painted, dressed and ready for stage!

The crown and feathers on the hair, the "tutu" pleated like a real costume and the embroidery corset...
I love the details.

Now is just put the strings and play!
Well, I hope you like Odette!