Alice´s Halloween Nightmare!

Halloween night... Alice received an invitation to a tea and croquet game in Wonderland.
But she didn´t know that Queen of Hearts has an evil plan!

When she arrives to the Wonderland Castle, the Queen looks like a monster!!
"Come on, Alice..."

"Let´s drink some tea and play croquet!

Take your teacup and a little flamingo..."

But  the "Monster Queen of Hearts" was not the only surprise to Alice in this creepy night...

When the Queen turn around, Alice can see that there are a lot of vampire game cards-soldiers inside of her gown!!!

"Off with her head!" - the Queen said to the soldiers.

Those Vampire card games-soldiers wanted to take off Alice´s head! 

and this is the beginning of Alice´s Halloween Nightmare..............

I made this doll and card game soldiers to participate of The Altered Alice challenge 
"Twinkle like a Bat, Shine like a tea tray!"

I hope you like!

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  1. This is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for playing along with The Altered Alice!