Fall... the perfect time for tea

I know that we can have tea every day of the year, but I prefer when the weather begins to be a little cold, like the "She" song by Elvis Costello:

May be the face I can't forget 
The trace of pleasure or regret 

May be my treasure or the price I have to pay 
May be the song that summer sings 
May be the chill that autumn brings 
May be a hundred different things 
Within the measure of a day........"

I dedicate this post to every person who enjoy a simple cup of tea, who loves to see a cat playing with a little rock or anything else wich is ordinary, but essencial to our lifes. 


  1. I love your"dedication" thoughts! Very sweet and thank you for linking to "Friends Sharing Tea".

  2. Love the cards and the flamingo particularly. I remember 'SHE' but from earlier. I think it was Charles Aznavour in an old movie??? : )