From now, videos in English!

Hello everyone! I'm really happy to announce that I'm starting a new Youtube channel, in English!

I have several videos about tutorials, recycling, simple drawing techniques and a lot of stuff, but all those in italian - and I thought: I have an amazing blog since 2012 in english... why 
don't create videos in english too? Well, is a big challenge! As you know, english is not my first language! Writing is not a problem, but talking (without practicing) is kind of hard! I had to learn spanish, some catalan and now italian. Is difficult to manage those languages together!

Well, I'll try. Just because I believe that we have to share beauty, love and art with the world.

So..... this is Marcelo:

If you have an youtube account, I'll be really glad to have you as my follower - I want to hear from you what do you want to see, discuss, learn... Let's do it together, ok?

Thank you soooo much!

XOXO, Marcelo ",

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