Easter with flowers - "I Fiory di Miky" by Marcelo

I´m back!
OMG... How I miss you all!

I want to show you my Easter decoration for this year.

To do it, I need to tell a little tale, called "I Fiory di Miky" (Miky´s flowers in italian).
When I wrote this tale, I was inspired by my collection of dried roses - wreaths and bouquets.

I love to tell stories. I can imagine a child listening this tale and enjoying this decoration...

This is Miky, the artist hare!

Miky is all over the decoration! 

Delicious cupcakes...

And this bathtub full of flowers...

I choose the colors: brown, light blue and yellow for this decoration (inspired by the stones of my garden and the dried roses).

I bought this vintage hare at an antique market and made this crown in cardboard and the tie in vintage ribbon. This is Lepronius - the Emperor!

The eggs - handpainting, decoupage, personalized monogram and logo.

And Miky, of course!

I couldn´t forget to use an antique teacup from my personal collection...
(I love the napkin folded as a bunny ears)

And this is the complete result!
"I Fiori di Miky" - my tale has become real!

Thank you for visiting... I wish you a Happy Easter!!!


  1. Wonderful decorations!! Thanks for sharing. I love the little bunny ears in the cup!!!!

    1. Yes, Beth! Those bunny ears are so easy to make!
      Thank you so much!

  2. Hi: I love the Earthtone Easter! I have never seen one so beautiful. Your garden must be amazing. So glad to have you back in Blogland. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha